Linear Audio has been the go-to publication for advanced designers and well-informed audiophiles for the past 8 years or so. Jan Didden has done a marvelous job of curating, wheedling top-shelf authors, and assembling an attractive and useful package. I can’t think of any publication in recent years, dead tree or paper, that has had the usefulness and impact of LA. It has featured articles from Barrie Gilbert, Scott Wurcer, Morgan Jones, Erno Borbely, Bob Cordell, Nelson Pass, Richard Burwen, Stan Curtis, John Vanderkooy, Bruno Putzeys, and many many more.

Jan announced that the most recent issue would be his last. The time involved in the editing and publishing was overwhelming his ability to do actual projects himself (though he still has managed to produce the Silent Switcher, the quietest and lightest power supply I’ve ever tested, and the Auto Ranger interface, which converts sound cards to near state-of-the-art audio test instruments), and there wasn’t very much money left over after paying expenses.

The 14 volumes published will become classics in the literature of high quality audio. I understand Jan’s decision, but I am terribly sorry to see this valuable and entertaining resource go away.

Well done, my friend.