The SYclotron, Revisited

The SYclotron, Revisited

Lessons learned from some preamp designs with this topology take the performance to a pretty decent level.

The SYclotron

The original SYclotron phase splitter. I’ve refined it over the years, and the current version can be found in the Equal Opportunity Preamp articles at Linear Audio. Basic topology is still the same.

Biamping the NHT M3.3

UPDATE February 2011: A better way to do this has been added at the end. A PLEASANT SURPRISE An email came. I could get a set of one of my all-time favorite commercial speakers at “a ridiculously low price.” Would I be interested? I did not hesitate. Rewind. If you...

Disclaimer & Warning

Tube circuits run on high voltages. High voltages are used to execute prisoners. Get it? If you don’t know exactly what you’re doing at some point, DON’T DO IT! Always try to have someone keeping an eye on you in case of an accident. Read the High Voltage Safety thread at If you off yourself, at least have the decency to leave a note to your widow and kids saying that I warned you!

As a consequence of their specialized nature, components used in tube circuits are either expensive, rare, or (unfortunately too often) both. So you want to minimize the number of components reduced to a charred mass. When the inevitable happens, don’t come looking for me to pay for it.