Real recordings of real musicians are rare things. And here’s one more of my contributions to this tiny pool. I am an unabashed fan of Lee Barber, a singer/songwriter who is something of a legend in the Austin musician community, but for whatever reason, not well-known outside that. He’s got a haunting voice, his lyrics and tunes speak of ache and longing, and… well… he’s the number one thing I miss about Austin. Here he is doing a fun little song in my living room for a group of about 20-25 music lovers, All Night Long, from his wonderful album Thief and Rescue. Single point miking with crossed figure 8 ribbons, no EQ or compression, just the sound you would have heard if you’d been there that night. 24/96 WAV format.

Special thanks to Audio Science Forum members BE718 and Blumlein88, who were incredibly helpful to me in processing an experimental way of doing the mike array (long story, I’ll write more about this in the future).

Oh, and if you like this song, buy Lee’s albums. We need to support artists.

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